This spectacular fly-fishing adventure, lodge and guide service in Patagonia, Chile is based on and around Lago Copa. Lago Copa is teaming with trout! The lake has a variety of different, interesting structures. The middle of the lake narrows into a spectacular rapid/mini waterfall as it plunges down to the lower half of the lake. The lake is like a large river and has a strong current in some places. The forest that surrounds the lake consists of coihues, lumas, manio and other resident and gracious autochthonous Chilean trees. The under canopy is lush with vegetation forming a true botanic garden rich in species.

The towering snow capped mountains and glaciers make you feel as if you are at the bottom of a cup. The lodge sits approximately one hundred feet above sea level and the glaciers are visible from the windows of the lodge!

Shallow weed bed flats, deep dark blue abysses, towering cliffs, tributary creeks, waterfalls, beaches, and nothing but spectacular fishing is what you will find on the lake.

The crystal clear tributary creeks that enter Lago Copa are spectacular. Sight fishing for large brown and rainbows will get your adrenaline up.

Large trout wait under the cliffs for something to fall in the water and are eager to pounce on their struggling prey in the lake. Terrestrial fishing with mice, stag beetles, frogs, dragonflies, etc is incredible.

Miles of weed beds can support healthy aquatic insect hatches and sight fishing with dry flies is possible when the conditions are favourable.

Streamers work well all the time.

Twenty to twenty four inch fish are not uncommon in the lake and some of the best fishing is a stone throw away from the lodge. Skip has the record Rainbow at 27 inches. Several Browns have been caught in this range and we are sure someone will break the thirty-inch mark!

The Lake

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